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joy + gravity

If you know me, I’m a typophile and always on the hunt for beautiful typefaces. My Pinterest site might give you an idea of what aesthetic I gravitate toward.

I love calligraphy and am constantly adding to my Pinterest board on hand lettering (the lovely artwork below is by Magpie Paperworks). Exposure to Dutch graphic designers who worked for my parents, gave me an appreciation for the natural facility of the hand to render and sketch (without the use of digital help). I was an apprentice to the eye of careful craftsmanship. People go to college for what I learned in my youth.

When I worked for this publisher, I designed 175 high-end book covers that sent me on a quest for successful book cover designers and their work. I like Chip Kidd and Rodrigo Corral‘s work because their covers are smart and clever. I also like Ellie…

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